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Liquid filling machines, filling equipment, pail, drum and tote fillers - made in Germany
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Whatever type of container you fill, we have a system for you... from semi-automatic filling station up to fully automatic filling plant for liquid and pasty products combined with storage system, conveyors or palletising system.
Each component, each module can be combined.
We take care of any customer's requirement on individual design, material or any other modification.
Our technology to fill:
Drum fillers and other containers from 5 to 300 kg
Pail fillerscan fillers, hobbock and other containers up to 40 kg
IBC, drums and other containers on pallets - pallet fillers.

A range of products is available that has particularly been designed to meet your requirements on gravimetric filling of containers from 1kg to 3.000kg. You can choose from a variety of semi-automatic and fully automatic liquid filling machines. We can offer complete systems for fully automatic packaging processes through the combination of filling equipment with our conveyor, palletising and storage systems.

Palletizing RobotGebinde 

You as our customer are the focus of our research & development, our worldwide service, regardless of the size of your equipment.
 You determine the degree of automation
  ... we provide you with a solution. Modular components of our filling machines enable individual degree of automation. Depending on the requirements, the following working steps can be automated:

Storage => denesting => infeed => positioning => filling => labelling => printing => membrane sealing => closing => palletising => outfeed

Depending on product and process either electronic weigh scale or mass flow meter is used for quantity measuring.  
The new Feige weighing system offer a self-optimizing filling control, data memory, printer and interface connection and PLC function for the machine control.

Your product determines the filling mode   for your equipment: Below-surface, Above-surface or Below-bunghole. Our liquid filling machines, fillers and filling plants are also available for hazardous area application (ATEX)

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